BFREE Workflow (Saas)

The customer-centric approach that Bfree employs will help you reduce the number of non-performing loans...

Proven and trusted tools for your collections

Do you have an internal collections team or are you about to set up your team?  Do you find it hard to identify which of your collections is working and bringing in the best ROI? BFREE has developed a top-of-the-line loan collections management software called the Workflow. The workflow connects your collections team with the right tools to automatically identify, locate and automate collection processes. This unique solution reduces operational defaults and increases recovery efficiency by as much as 50% while delivering a stellar customer experience. With our workflow, you can do much more with less. We have been able to increase the agent-to-customer ratio from 1:1000 to 1:5000 customers


  • Configurable Collection Strategies & Workflows

    With our customizable collection strategies and workflows, you can automate and improve your payment collections.  Our unique solution supports credit collection from the very first call to the final repayment phase.

  • Increased Engagement

    You will get insight into the best time and channels to reach customers. You will be able to track, measure, and automate all key communications with your customer.

  • Real-Time Performance Tracking

    With our software API, you can connect it to your database, and it provides you full visibility of all activities carried out on defaulting customers, from NPL -0 to the oldest loans.

  • Process Automation

    You can optimize collection campaigns, create cohorts, and monitor defaulting customers based on psychographic and demographic data points. With the BFREE workflow, you can now manage more customers for less. For a demo call, click here.

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