Distressed Asset Purchase (DAP)

The customer-centric approach that Bfree employs will help you reduce the number of non-performing loans...

We adhere to high ethical standards in credit recovery throughout our collection process

We partner with third party capital providers to help them to structure purchases of distressed assets (NPL) of majorly non collateralised consumer loans from Digital lenders, micro-finance banks, and traditional banks and ensure recovery using credit collection tactics that adhere to ethical standards. This improves the availability of credit and helps restore the financial health of customers, while providing attractive returns to investors.


  • Profit Maximisation

    Maximising your profits is key to achieving financial growth. You can recoup funds quickly and invest in a variety of loan options to meet your customers’ needs. Offer competitive interest rates and become an industry leader in the lending space.

  • Ethical Collection Processes

    As a company, we are ethical and put our customers' interests first. Rest assured that your customers will be treated professionally, ethically, and fairly.

  • Cost effective

    With our solution, you don't have to worry about the time and money it takes to recover loans. You have a more efficient way to reduce losses and speed up recovery, so you keep your business growing

  • Data Insights

    To help you better understand your customers, manage risk, and improve lending strategies, we'll provide you with useful data and actionable insights.

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