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Here are some of our FAQs:


How much would it cost to hire BFREE?

Payment to us is 100% commission-based. As a client, you get to pay us only an agreed percentage of the total amount we collect from your customers on your behalf. Our commission rates are not rigid, they differ from one client to another depending on portfolio characteristics such as loan size, duration or lateness of default on the loan, etc.

Is there a minimum or maximum debt value I can assign to BFREE?

No. There is no minimum or maximum of debt you can assign to BFREE. However, the size of the debt will determine the best collection solution we will adopt to facilitate collection for your portfolio.

Will I lose control of my NPL portfolio if I outsource to BFREE?

Not at all. You will remain in control because we will keep you up to date with regular, thorough reporting and a swift feedback process that enables you to track the progress of your portfolio.

How long does it take to collect outstandings?

There’s no fixed time frame for our collection because portfolios and lenders differ. The credit scoring, fraud monitoring and internal collection processes also vary, hence, we advise clients to start with a pilot portfolio that allows them to get familiar with our collection solutions and also allows us to know their customers and portfolio quality better.

Does it matter how old the debt is?

It does. We do not do collection for debts that are over 3 years.

What are the different collection methods used at BFREE?

Our collection solutions are innovative, tested and trusted. The qualities of a debt will determine the type of solution we assign it. Our collection solutions are the self-servicing option, AI automated calls and messaging, and contact centre collection.

Is the money collected sent directly to clients?

Yes. All repayments are made directly to you, the client, through any payment method you provide.

Is BFREE covered by a data protection license?

Yes. We are fully NITDA compliant and we are required to run our details through a secured platform.

How do we get started?

Contact us through our helpline01-7004360,or send an email tohello@bfree.africa.We will customize a credit collection solution that perfectly suits your business and provide more details to all the questions above. Onboarding new clients typically takes 15 days before collection activities begin.


I have been contacted by BFREE. What does this mean?

Lucky you! This simply means your loan repayment account has been assigned to us by your lender. Usually, it is because you missed your original or first few rescheduled repayment dates. On behalf of your lender, we will follow up with you to guide you through the repayment process.

Will BFREE reach out to any of my contacts to inform them that I have not repaid my loan?

We will never do this. We are ethical, and we respect your privacy, always. After multiple failed attempts to reach you, however, we could reach out to your guarantor, but we will never disclose your loan details to them.

I don’t have the money to repay my loan right now, what can I do?

Then the self-servicing platform is just for you! There, you can view your loan details and schedule a repayment plan. The self-servicing platform helps you break down your repayment into installments, making it easy for you to pay off and be debt free.

I owe more than one lender, what can I do?

If your repayment account has been assigned to us by more than one lender, you can create a repayment plan for each lender to help you resolve your outstanding loans.

I believe I have not been treated fairly by BFREE, what can I do?

We are sorry you feel this way and would like to hear more about this. Please send an email tocomplaints@bfree.africaand we will resolve the issue promptly.

How can I repay my loan?

You can repay your loan on the self-servicing platform by selecting the“make payment”option on your loan details page.

What are the available payment methods?

You can make full payment, part payment or third party payment through direct transfer, USSD code, or debit/credit card.

Why should I use the Self Service Platform?

The self-servicing option allows you to take charge of your repayment, thereby reducing disturbing phone calls and text messages about your loan. You will be able to monitor your outstanding balance, access your loan details and easily set up a repayment plan.

Is the Self Service Platform free to use?

Absolutely free! We also do not charge any payment processing fees or other hidden charges

I’ve fully repaid already, why am I still being contacted?

Customers’ payment details are sent to us by Clients. To resolve this, send a message through the comment box on the “Loan Details” page or chat with a representative on the Self Service Platform.

What do I do if the amount or payment details are inaccurate?

We receive account balances and payment details directly from our clients. To clarify, send us a message via the comment box on the loan details page or send a message via our chat options on the Self-Service Portal.

Does BFREE have a help centre?

Yes, we do. Call us on01-7004360or email us athello@bfree.africa

Will paying my outstanding loan improve my Credit Score? How?

Absolutely! If your loan account has been listed with the credit bureau by any of your lenders, your record will be updated once you make payment towards your outstanding loans. Paying off your outstanding loans will improve your credit score over time and make you more creditworthy.

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